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Red Sox 6, A’s 1: Pivetta goes 8, Devers goes nuclear

The Red Sox cruised, 6-1, over the cratering A’s, buoyed by an explosive Rafael Devers blast.

Oakland Athletics v Boston Red Sox
This was the rare active play for the Sox defense.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Red Sox got one in the first inning on a Xander Bogaerts single to score Rafael Devers, but Trevor Story grounded into a double play to keep it at that. The good news, though?

The A’s did nothing in the second because they’re not good, and the Sox loaded the bases with one out but only managed one run when Rob Refsnyder hit a sac fly to center. The A’s then did nothing in the third, either, because they didn’t improve in 10 minutes, though a Pivetta stab was big in helping out. In the bottom of the third, this happened:

Through three innings, Nick Pivetta did not allow a hit and I had some fun with that fact:

Suffice to say, about five minutes later the A’s had a hit, but because they’re not good, they didn’t score.

In the fourth, the Sox got two men on against Koenig, bringing Rafael Devers to bat. Well,,,

It was 6-0 from there. You can imagine how it went. There were a couple nice plays and Dennis Eckersley trashed Mt. Washington. The A’s did nothing for reasons you know. Stephen Vogt hit a home run, actually, but Pivetta went 8 innings, Phillips Valdez finished it off, and at 6-1 that was that.