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Red Sox June Preview

Can they keep the upward trajectory?

Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox
Hoping for more Trevor Story homers in June
Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The good news about the month of May is that we finally got a glimpse of the Red Sox team we were either expecting, or at least hoping, to see this season. Their offense spent the latter half of the month as one of the very best in baseball, and they got enough from their starting pitching to hide a bullpen that still has its issues. It was certainly a much better month than the one they had in April, after which they were just 9-14. The bad news is they couldn’t finish things strong. They were set up to really get back to a solid spot in the standings as they finished the month with five against the Orioles and then one against the Reds, but they lost four of those six games to go out with a whimper. In all, it was a .500 month, with the Red Sox going 14-14 in May. Shoutout to nosh72 in the comments from last month’s preview for correctly predicting the team’s May record.

Now, we look ahead to the month of June where the Red Sox can hopefully put together their first over-.500 record for a month this year. Unfortunately, they’ll have to deal with the dreaded west coast trip early on. This is also a make-or-break point on the schedule, and it feels that way right now especially. Boston will spend 10 straight days out on the west coast early on this month before coming home for a nine-game home stand. The month then finishes out with six more games on the road, though not quite as far with those coming in Cleveland and Toronto. Overall, they’ll be on the road more than at Fenway in June, with a 10/16 home/road split.

Things get a little more encouraging when looking at the level of competition in this month. They have one more game against the Reds to start things out, and while Cincinnati won on Tuesday night they are still one of the worst teams in the league. And in fact, the vast majority of their games are against teams with records that sit below .500. Not including the single game against the Reds, Boston has eight series on the docket for this month and five of them are against teams with records under .500. That includes two series against the A’s, plus one each against the Mariners, Tigers, and Guardians. The other series are against the Angels, Cardinals, and Blue Jays.

So, there’s some good with some bad in the coming month. The bad news is that the Red Sox will be on the road for most of it, and not only on the road but all the way on the other coast, which always spells trouble. The good news is it’s a relatively soft schedule with the majority of the games against under-.500 competition. There’s 26 games total, and it feels like a make or break month. I’m going to predict a make month, with the team going 15-11. Make your prediction in the comments.