Blow it up starting with Bloom and O'Halloran

Bloom needs to go.This guy came from Tampa where nobody cares about the team and high school water polo games draw a bigger crowd. Boston is a sports town and expects to win every year. You cant bring in a guy to run the team that has been the excutive of a team in a market where people dont care. Every team in the division signed big time free agents, what do the Sox do? Sign 78 year old Rich Hill( his age matches his velocity of his fastball) and broken pieces like Paxton and Wacha. Next DFA Vazquez. He is terrible at calling pitches. a guy misses a 95 mph fastball by 2 days so next pitch he calls a change up to help the hitter catch up to the pitch. They can find another catcher to hit .233 with 8 hr's. Last, Branes has sucked for years why is he still around? does he have to blow 4 games in a row before he is cut or sent to AA? You cant beat teams in the Majors trying t o use AA pitchers even crappy teams that have 3 guys hitting under .200 and 2 guys hitting just over .200 like the CWS do. Houck might be good in a few years but when you only have one pitch to rely on it does not boad well.