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Today in Red Sox History: May 8

Portrait Of Johnny Pesky
Johnny Pesky had a historic game 76 years ago today.
Photo by FPG/Getty Images

Today in OTM History

2021: Worcester gets their first ever win; History for central Mass.

2020: Jimmie Foxx is the team’s best first baseman ever; This was a fun series from Jake.

2019: Not giving up on the Red Sox; It didn’t quite work out that year, but it was at least easier to make the case then compared to now.

2017: Carson Smith and Tyler Thornburg coming to help; Sometimes even we get stuff wrong. Shocking, I know.

2014: Big trades potentially on the horizon; Marc wasn’t wrong, technically, but it wasn’t the trades he expected. (This is the summer they traded Jon Lester, John Lackey, and Andrew Miller.

Today in Red Sox History

1946: Johnny Pesky scores six run, becoming the first player in American League history to do so. It’s happened twice since then, most recently in 2004 by Joe Randa and then in 1986 by another Red Sox player, this time Spike Owen.

1926: A fire breaks out at Fenway, burning the right field grandstands. Strapped for cash, the Red Sox kept the cash for operations and just left the right field spot empty.

Today in Red Sox Birthdays

Happy 40th birthday to Adrián González, who is thought of mostly negatively by a lot of Red Sox fans, and while I understand some of the reasoning there he was also a very good player for his one full season in Boston, putting up a 155 OPS+ in 2011 and finishing seventh in MVP voting.

Many thanks to Baseball-Reference, and Today in Baseball History for assistance here, and thanks to Battery Power for the inspiration for these posts.