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New Shirt: Celebrating Franchy

After a walk-off grand slam, you get a shirt. These are the rules.

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The Red Sox are currently on a five-game win streak, having most recently swept the Seattle Mariners at Fenway Park in a four-game series. It’s the best baseball they’ve played all season (and it’s not particularly close) and the most recent win was certainly the most exciting victory of 2022. It wasn’t just the team’s first walk-off win of the season, but Franchy Cordero did fans one better. With the game tied and the bases loaded, all the Red Sox needed was a base hit, or even a walk, to win the game. He thought that was boring, and instead smoked his first homer of the season for a walk-off grand slam.

The official (read: not at all official in any definition of the word) rules state that anyone who hits a walk-off grand slam is rewarded with a t-shirt to celebrate them. Our friends over at BreakingT made sure to adhere to these rules, unveiling their latest Red Sox design.

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As is the case with all of the shirts from BreakingT, they are super comfortable and affordable. This design comes in unisex adult tees, women’s v-neck, youth sizes, and hoodies. Make sure you get yours to celebrate a walk-off grand slam while also supporting your pals at OTM.

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