Overhaul in the outfield

For a second there, at least we could say that Verdugo was doing alright. Just in case no one out there has noticed, he is batting .140 in the last 10 games with only 1 XB hit (a double) and 1 BB. Since April 18 (only 2 weeks!) he's gone from a 1.067 OPS to a .653. The rest of the outfield (Kike, Bradley Jr, Arroyo, and now a spot start by Jaylin Davis... is batting .183.

That being said, I have no idea how Rob Refsnyder isn't getting into the outfield at all. Since tearing it up in spring training and AAA, and playing fairly decent defense, he's only been used in 3 games where he has 2 hits and a walk in 6 AB's. I understand: that's a very small sample size. But it's also far more hopeful than .183.

Then there's Duran. In this MassLive Article, Christopher Smith pleads the merits of bringing Jarren Duran back up to the majors. The "why not" argument is laid out as follows: "Duran struggled mightily as a rookie last year with a .215/.241/.336/.578 line and 35.7% strikeout percentage in 112 plate appearances". Jackie Bradley is currently .147/.227/.206/.433 line and a 21% strikeout percentage in 68 plate appearances. Kike is .195/.273/322/595. Verdugo is now .238/.278/375/.653. Arroyo is .186/.200/.256/.456.

Essentially, even if Duran is the same player he was for 112 plate appearances last year, that is still better than every other out fielder on this team except for pre-April 18 Verdugo. There is absolutely no reason to leave him in the minors any longer with how the Red Sox outfield has been "producing". Give him and Refsnyder an extended look, and bring up Seabold while you're at it. If the future of the team this year is garnering outlooks like this, why not try something drastically different? Even if it gets worse, there's not far to fall.