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Today in Red Sox History: May 18

San Francisco Giants v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Today in OTM History

2021: Hunter Renfroe getting on track; It was a streaky year, but from here on out it was certainly more good than bad.

2020: Unheralded players from the 2004 team; Seems impossible to be underrated from that team.

2018: The Red Sox need more from Christian Vázquez; They did get that starting the following season, but we’re back to the same conversation now.

2015: Nobody wants Allen Craig; Rude, but true.

Today in Red Sox History

2002: Pedro Martinez throws an immaculate inning against the Mariners, the 11th in the history of the American League at that point.

1976: Carl Yastrzemski plays in his 2,293rd game with the Red Sox, passing Ted Williams for the most of all time. His record, which got to 3,308, still stands.

Today in Red Sox Birthdays

Happy 57th birthday to Erik Hanson, who only played one season with the Red Sox, in 1995, and it also happened to be his only All-Star appearance of his career.

Happy 51st birthday to Rich Garces, who was a fan favorite in Boston in the 90s and affectionately known as El Guapo.

Many thanks to Baseball-Reference, and Today in Baseball History for assistance here, and thanks to Battery Power for the inspiration for these posts.