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Today in Red Sox History: May 16

Spring Training - Boston Red Sox Photo by: Diamond Images/Getty Images

Today in OTM History

2020: Predicting how the season will end up; The fan predictions were not too far off, but ultimately not correct.

2019: Marcus Walden needs a role change; Thing really went downhill so fast for Walden, from a key arm in 2019 to unusable in 2020 and out of the majors since.

2018: Blake Swihart’s agent wants him traded; The trade finally came a year later, but Swihart was never able to figure things out in the majors.

2016: Koji isn’t Koji-ing yet; He was merely good in this, his age-41 season.

2014: Mookie about to tie MiLB on-base streak record; As Alex Speier would say, #feats.

2012: Red Sox on path to trade Kevin Youkilis; He’d be sent to Chicago about six weeks later.

Today in Red Sox History

1954: In his first game since breaking his collarbone in spring training, Ted Williams came back for a doubleheader and casually went 8-9 across the two games.

Many thanks to Baseball-Reference, and Today in Baseball History for assistance here, and thanks to Battery Power for the inspiration for these posts.