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FanPost Friday: Favorite positive from this season

Let’s get positive, shall we?

Boston Red Sox v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The start of this season for the Red Sox has been a drag. There’s really no way to sugarcoat an 11-20 start that has them sitting in last place behind the lowly Orioles, especially given last season’s run to the ALCS and the expectation for this year that they would at least hang around the postseason race for most of the season, if not all of it. There have been non-competitive losses, nights where they got totally shut down offensively to waste strong pitching, blow-ups late in games from the bullpen, and combinations of all of the above. It’s not been a fun experience to watch and follow this team for the last month or so, to say the least.

With a season like this, we need some motivation to stay positive and keep the vibes up. It’s not healthy for us to always be down in the dumps about a sports team, and even in this dumpster fire of a season there have been some real positives, both in the majors and on the farm. So let’s talk about those this weekend, shall we? What has been your favorite positive from this season, whether it just be someone or something you enjoy watching or something you think bodes well for the future. In a season of dread, what has made you smile?

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