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The Red Seat Podcast: Where do we go from here?

In this episode Jake and Keaton explore how a poor offseason got the Red Sox to this point and what the future holds.

Boston Red Sox v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

I don’t have to tell you, you know things aren’t good. How on earth did a team that was two wins shy of a World Series berth end up here? In this episode of the show Keaton and I take a big picture look at how a subpar offseason led us to this point. We also explore what, if anything, the team can do to try and rectify Chaim Bloom’s mistakes.

Specifically, we spend time exploring how a failure to add reliable starters is compounding already existing issues in the bullpen. Poor bullpen construction has been one of the biggest issues with this team, so how is the rotation, while performing well, making it worse?

The biggest issues for this club lie on the offensive side of the ball. Why didn’t the team have a contingency plan for Bobby Dalbec or Jackie Bradley Jr.? Should the team have seen Enrique Hernandez’s struggles coming based on some disturbing splits that presented themselves during last year’s season.

Lastly, we answered a bunch of your listener questions before ending the show.

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