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The Red Seat Podcast: 2022 Season Preview

In this episode Jake, Keaton, Shelly, and Bob join together to make their predictions for the 2022 season.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Welcome back to another season of The Red Seat podcast. This is truly one of my favorite times of year and one of my favorite shows of the year. Here on Opening Day (sadly not for the Red Sox), we bring you a full array of predictions for 2022.

We have a robust four-person crew on hand to review the final moves on the roster, strengths and weaknesses of the team, and moves that they should or should not have made.

The team also weighs in on their superlatives for the Red Sox this year including:

  • Team MVP
  • Best Pitcher
  • Defensive Wizard
  • Biggest Surprise
  • Biggest Disappointment
  • Unsung Hero

We then get right into our predictions for the year. Everyone on the podcast gives us their standings for each division as well as their three wild card teams in each league. In addition to the regular season we predict how each round of the playoffs will end up playing out including our World Series winner.

Finally we each place our predictions for league MVP’s, Cy Young winners, and AL and NL Rookie of the Year.

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