1st Base: No Big Deal (Right Now)

The Sox have a huge black hole at 1st base these days, but unless they could plug the hole with a Freddie Freeman-ish replacement (of an Anthony Rizzo, so far), any offensive upgrade at 1st base wouldn't touch the other (somewhat) smaller black holes (C, RF, CF, 2B). If Casas were on fire, it would be worth a shot bringing him up, but he's not, and unless there's any reason to think a promotion would somehow (magically) jumpstart him, he's better off working things out at AAA. Dalbec looks lost at the plate, but his defense may even be the more important liability at the moment. Between his game-blowing weird footwork that resulted in Story's error on a slightly errant throw, to having Strahm's excellent play on a bunt clank off his glove, he's really hurt the team twice this week on straightforward plays (the kind that any half-decent 1st baseman makes). I think they should give Dalbec some additional at-bats and hope that either (a) he gets to a point even vaguely resembling his 2nd half self from last year (which I doubtful about), or (b) Casas turns it on in AAA and effectively makes the decision for the Sox. As bad as Dalbec/Shaw have been, they've just been the biggest anchor dragging the team down, not the only one. The others alone would still leave the Sox sinking. Hernandez and Story will presumably come around in time, but Bradley and Vazquez are poor bets. If Dalbec continues to struggle, along with Casas, then maybe it's time to get "creative" with someone like Arroyo as a short-term "fix." Freddie Freeman ain't walking through that door.