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FanPost Friday: Bold Predictions

Let’s hear what you got for predictions before the season gets underway.

Boston Red Sox Spring Training Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Believe it or not, we are now inside a week until Opening Day for the Red Sox in the Bronx, and this is our last Friday of fake baseball, as Bryan put it this morning. Boston appears to be a very interesting team heading into this season, with some real strengths in the middle of their lineup as well as some very real question marks in the outfield and in the pitching staff. Normally these are questions of which one can be concerned, but not overly given how great the strengths are. However, in this divisional race with what appears to be an absolutely loaded American League East, every question is amplified.

In any sort of race like this one in the AL East, wildcards and outliers are often what ultimately tips the scale in one team’s favor over another, and we want to know what you think will happen along those lines for the Red Sox. They don’t have to be positive, although we always hope they are since those are certainly most fun to imagine, but we do want you to think outside the box. We want to hear your bold predictions for the upcoming season.

Leave us a FanPost, and you could be featured on the front page on Sunday. As always, here is our handy guide to making a FanPost.