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The Over the Monster Podcast: Story Time

Matt and Bryan are back together again

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Washington Nationals Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of the Over the Monster Podcast, with Matt and Bryan back together again for the first time since before the lockout. As you can imagine, there is plenty to talk about.

The show starts, of course, with the Trevor Story signing as Matt was absent during the Red Seat pod on the topic. They talk about why they both like the signings, and why Matt maybe thought there could have been a different move while still acknowledging this is a clear net positive for the team. They also talk about the effects this move could have on the future of Xander Bogaerts in Boston, and talk a little more about Bryan’s somewhat controversial column following the signing.

After the Story discussion, their attention moves towards the outfield, where things are not quite as optimistic. They wonder whether or not the Red Sox can really be counting on Jackie Bradley Jr. as an everyday outfielder, what numbers he’d need to hit to be a viable option as a starter, and what players could be out there to fill that hole. They also talk about the idea of J.D. Martinez playing some right field against left-handed pitching, which, uh, they are not exactly behind.

From there, the conversation then shifts over to the pitching staff. The two look at where the rotation stands and if it is really a good enough group to make significant noise in this loaded division. They wonder similar things about the bullpen, and also are not entirely sure who is the closer. They close things out with a handful of listener questions, including some on pitching prospects as well as a prediction on the total home runs coming from this infield.

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