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OTM Open Thread 3/24: It is Thursday

Night game?

MLB: ALCS - Red Sox Beat Indians 11-2 - Sox Win Series Photo by Albert Dickson/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Happy Thursday! Trevor Story is official and he looked…good at second base yesterday. With two weeks to get the position under his belt he’ll be ready for Yankee Stadium on Opening Day. The Sox play a night (evening?) game today against the Orioles at 6:05 PM ET. Regulars could be out of the game in time for the start of hockey where the Bruins host the Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:00 PM ET. Tonight is the first time this year the sun will set in Boston after 7:00. Spring is rushing towards us, folks. Talk about what you want, think about Story turning two, and be good to one another.