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Today in Red Sox History: March 10

World Series - St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox - Game Two Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Today in OTM History

2020: Aldo Ramirez named the number 16 prospect in the system; We were a bit early on him, in part because he didn’t get to pitch in 2020 due to the COVID shutdown, but Ramirez broke out in the first half of 2021 and fetched the Red Sox Kyle Schwarber.

2019: Projection disagreements on the Red Sox lineup; What stands out to me is that even the high projections were low on Rafael Devers. He’s pretty good, imo.

2016: Travis Shaw is better insurance than you think; He’d end up having a tough year in 2016, but as we know he immediately turned things around after that in Milwaukee, for a couple of years at least.

2015: Red Sox top future power rankings; I’d say this was dead on, considering they had one of the best seasons in modern history, and the best in franchise history, just three years later.

2013: What price to pay for Stanton?; Oh, how times have changed.

Today in Red Sox History

2010: Nomar Garciaparra announces his retirement; Obviously his time in Boston didn’t end on the happiest of notes, but he is one of the greatest I’ve been able to see with my own eyes and always the easy answer for a career you wish you could play back without injuries.

1986: Bobby Doerr voted into the Hall of Fame by the Special Veterans Committee; It was a well-deserved honor for one of the most underrated players in Red Sox history. Doerr went to the All-Star Game in nine of his final 10 seasons.

Today in Red Sox Birthdays

Happy 56th birthday to Mike Timlin, who was one of the key members of the 2004 bullpen and the 2007 ‘pen. He’s also making me feel old by turning 56 years old today.

Many thanks to Baseball-Reference, and Today in Baseball History for assistance here. Also thanks again to Battery Power for the inspiration for these posts.