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Daily Red Sox Links: Koji Uehara, Seiya Suzuki, Fenway Park

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Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Koji Uehara was exceptional in his time with the Red Sox. Could he help the organization out once more by recruiting Seiya Suzuki? (Brendan Mizgala; BoSox Injection)

Suzuki would certainly make a great fit in the Red Sox’s lineup, but he can’t really address their current situation on the mound, a situation that isn’t as good as it could be and/or needs to be. (Tony Blengino; Forbes)

Who knows when the baseball world will get back to normal? Nobody, really, but that doesn’t mean teams aren’t making plans in the background. Jim Bowden offers up suggestions for the top post-lockout priorities for organizations in the American League looking to utilize their resources. (Jim Bowden; The Athletic)

Fenway Park may not be going anywhere anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean its section of the city will always look the same. (WCVB)

MVP awards don’t come easily. They require greatness, timing and a bit of luck, leaving some of the greatest to ever take to the diamond on the outside looking in. (Matt O’Halloran; Beyond the Box Score)