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Daily Red Sox Links: Alex Cora, Adrián González, Babe Ruth

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Championship Series - Houston Astros v Boston Red Sox - Game Four Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

In an annual tradition, started by the late Nick Cafardo, over at the Boston Globe for their Sunday Notes column, Pete Abraham takes a crack at ranking all 30 of MLB’s managers. Unsurprisingly, Alex Cora ranks highly. (Pete Abraham; Boston Globe)

Late last week big news came down that the league was requesting a federal mediator for the ongoing CBA negotiations that have put baseball in a standstill. The players, as expected, did not go along with the request. Evan Drellich explains the rationale and what happens next. (Evan Drellich; The Athletic)

Also last week, we linked to a fun post at The Athletic in which their MLB staff went through a draft which included not only players, but owners, GMs, parks, and entire markets. How did that reflect on the Red Sox? (Chad Jennings; The Athletic)

Did you know that Adrián González was not retired? Well, he wasn’t, but now he is. (Madeline Coleman; SI)

Babe Ruth’s birthday was over the weekend, so looked at some of his most amazing career stats. (Paul Casella;