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FanPost Friday: Missing Spring

What are we missing most about spring?

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

If it weren’t for that pesky lockout for which negotiations remain ongoing but slow-moving, spring training would have officially started up last week. As the schedule was originally set out, the Red Sox were supposed to make their spring debut next week in their annual game against Northeastern (who, as an aside, have quite the squad this year) and then start up their regular Grapefruit League schedule the following day on Saturday.

Of course, the league and players still appear miles apart, at least from where we’re sitting on the outside, and we are robbed of that. Granted, there are still some prospects down in Fort Myers as the lockout only affects players on the 40-man roster, but it is clearly not the same and games will not be taking place with replacement players. In other words, until this lockout is over, we are not getting real spring training, and obviously the consequences only get worse the longer things drag out.

So with that in mind, I want to know what you are missing most about spring training so we can all commiserate together. And the range of responses can certainly vary. You can speak more generally about missing the first sights of camp and the grainy pictures we get from beat writers who somehow are still not helped by the advancing technology of phone cameras. Or perhaps you are thinking more specifically about players or groups of players who are on this team already and getting to see them in action. Or maybe you just don’t miss spring training at all. Vent for us; we all need it.

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