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Daily Red Sox Links: Jeremy Giambi, Kyle Schwarber, Sam Kennedy

Giambi fails to field the ball

MLB and the MLBPA agreed on something! That something was the long-awaited Universal DH. So, just how does the Universal DH affect the market for Kyle Schwarber? Christopher Smith breaks it all down. (Christopher Smith; MassLive)

Former Major Leaguer, Jeremy Giambi, passed away on Wednesday at his parent's home in Southern California. The cause of death was revealed by a coroner’s report yesterday. (Madeline Coleman; Sports Illustrated)

The 2022 Red Sox season is so close you can nearly taste it, yet, the limbo of the CBA leaves that taste sour. To brighten up your day, John Tomase breaks down four players that could have a big impact on the ballclub. (John Tomase; NBC Sports Boston)

Red Sox President, Sam Kennedy, says the Red Sox are as ready as they’ll ever be once the lockout is over. (Michael Silverman; The Boston Globe)

MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred, believes both sides will reach an agreement sooner, rather than later, but if they do not, it could be detrimental to the sport. (Jeff Passan; ESPN)