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Today in Red Sox History: February 11

A new manager comes to town.

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

No world champion outfielders were traded on this day in Red Sox history, but a new manager was named, and we talked about a traded outfielder.

Today in OTM History

2021: Talking about the Andrew Benintendi trade return; As we talked about yesterday, a year later it’s still hard to parse whether this trade was a win, loss, or neutral. I lean towards neutral (if it’s possible to lean in the middle).

2020: Placing Jeter Downs and Connor Wong in the system; Their respective stock hasn’t gone up since the trade, but there is still hope on both fronts and both should appear in the majors this season.

2017: The Red Sox need Rafael Devers to solidify third base; He’s certainly done so at the plate, but it remains to be seen five years later how long he’ll stay at the hot corner.

2015: Moncada Mania; It took a bit after this, but the Red Sox finally landed their guy.

2011: Dustin Pedroia spring training quotes; The mood around that particular team would, uh, change as the year went along.

Today in Red Sox History

2020: Ron Roenicke named interim manager after Alex Cora’s suspension; The 2020 season obviously was a disaster for the Red Sox, and I think they’d have done better with Cora than Roenicke, but I hardly think he was among the top reasons that team struggled the way it did.

Today in Red Sox Birthdays

Happy 73rd birthday to Ben Oglivie, who made a few All-Star games later in his career with the Milwaukee Brewers, but started his career in Boston before being traded to the Detroit Tigers three years into his career.

Happy would-be 135th birthday to Ray Collins, who didn’t have a long career but spent all of his seven major-league seasons with the Red Sox, serving as a part of their rotation for the first half of the 1910s and winning a World Series with the team in 1912.

Happy 50th birthday to Brian Daubach, who was a fan favorite here in Boston for the early part of this millennium.

Happy would-be 111th birthday to Yanke Terry, who, despite the name, spent his entire short career with the Red Sox as a spot starter in the 1940s.

Many thanks to Baseball-Reference, and Today in Baseball History for assistance here. Also thanks again to Talking Chop for the inspiration for these posts.