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A Few Completely Random Numbers I’m Thinking About This Morning

Just out here thinking of random numbers.

$13.4 Million: the highest one-year dollar amount the Boston Red Sox have ever paid in accordance with Major League Baseball’s Competitive Balance Tax.

$14 Million: the amount of money 36-year-old New York Mets pitcher Carlos Carrasco will earn in 2023.

$3.2 Billion: Approximate increase in the value of the Boston Red Sox between 2002 and 2022.

$2 Billion: Approximate dollar amount to be spent by Fenway Sports Group and WS Development to redevelop 5.32 acres of land surrounding Fenway Park.

$250 Million: Approximate dollars spent by US taxpayers to subsidize stadium construction costs for minor league baseball teams that were subsequently eliminated by Major League Baseball.

$496 Million: Total baseball revenue earned in the first three quarters of 2022 by the Atlanta Braves, the only Major League Team with publicly available finances.

$5.3 Billion: Approximate total dollar amount paid by US taxpayers to fund construction costs associated with the 30 current Major League Baseball ballparks.

10: Approximate percentage of full-time staff laid off by the Boston Red Sox during the COVID-19 pandemic.