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Red Sox Links: Is Xander Bogaerts The Sox Top Priority Or Not?

Either he is and they’re just bad ad showing it, or they haven’t exactly been telling the truth.

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If you’ve been thinking that the Red Sox actions with respect to Xander Bogaerts don’t exactly match the rhetoric that he’s their top priority, you’re not alone. Here, Peter Abraham comes out with guns blazing, alleging that the Red Sox front office doesn’t really intend to sign him at all, and has essentially been misleading the public. (Peter Abraham, Boston Globe)

So that sucks! Here’s a video of a cute baby squirrel to make you feel better. (Random Squirrel Ladies, Youtube)

David Ortiz still believes, though. Big Papi recently told reporters that he expects a deal for Xander to get done. (Justin Leger, NBC Sports)

And hey, at least there’s a new middle reliever in the bullpen. That’s as important as the starting shortstop, right? (Alex Speier, Boston Globe)

Oh, and there are also those holes in the outfield and behind the plate. Here are some trade scenarios that could address both needs via some pretty great players: Sean Murphy of the Oakland A’s and Bryan Reynolds of the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Jenn McCaffrey, The Athletic)

In other news, there’s a new Hall-Of-Famer. Spoiler alert: it’s neither of the two highly controversial former Red Sox pitchers who were on the ballot. (Jay Jaffe, FanGraphs)