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Red Sox Links: Just How Good is Masataka Yoshida?

Plus, what’s going on with Nate Eovaldi

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It’s been reported that the Red Sox offered Masataka Yoshida significantly more money than most other teams. This in-depth look at their years-long scouting process may indicate why: one of their leading scouts in Asia thinks he’s the best pure hitter to come from area since Ichiro. (Jen McCaffrey, The Athletic)

The pitch clock is coming next season. . . and it might have a big impact on one of the Sox biggest offseason additions. (Alex Speier, Boston Globe)

Meanwhile, the market for another potential Red Sox target, Nathan Eovalidi, is reportedly heating up. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Red Sox are not considered top contenders. (Rob Bradford, WEEI)

According to Jon Heyman, teams are “checking on” Chris Sale’s trade availability. This doesn’t really count as news, but hey, I got to feed the content gods with something. (Darren Hartwell, WEEI)