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Do You Really Want John Henry To Sell The Red Sox?

Reminder: things could be worse — way, way worse.

On June 27, 2011, a Los Angeles-based entertainment company entered bankruptcy proceedings. The company, a venerable institution with a global brand known worldwide, had been rendered nearly insolvent after its husband-and-wife ownership duo (who had needed a loan to purchase the company in the first place) entered divorce proceedings. A messy, two-year legal battle ensued, involving allegations of infidelity, embezzlement, and tax evasion. And it was ultimately revealed that the company, whose finances were dangerously leveraged, was days away from being unable to make payroll.

That company was Los Angeles Dodgers, Inc., and the legal battle is relevant to Red Sox fans right now, because its principal was one Frank McCourt, who, just nine years prior, had come really, really close to purchasing the Boston Red Sox.

In the wake of the Xander Bogaerts departure, many Red Sox fans, including both of Over The Monster’s two Jakes, have called for John Henry to sell the team. But, in light of how many terrible owners populate the sports landscape, is that really what fans should want right now? Is John Henry still the same owner he was when he bought the team 20 years ago? Is it accurate to call him “cheap,” or is he just pursuing a failed strategy of roster construction?

Bryan and Dan dig into all of that in this week’s Over The Monster Podcast:

That’s not all, though. They also revisit the “Jacoby Ellsbury caught a deer” story, discuss what it takes to win the WBC (that would be the World Beard Championship, not the World Baseball Classic), and give Christmas gifts to Red Sox personnel.

Thanks for listening.