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So, About That Gammons Tweet. . .

The sportswriting legend claims that Bogaerts has severed ties with the Red Sox

Well, let’s get right into it:

That’s one of the three-or-four most famous baseball writers of all-time alleging, in pretty strong terms, that Xander Bogaerts won’t be re-signing with the Boston Red Sox (and, also, yeah, there are the commas, the buts, and the general lack of clarity, but that just comes with the territory with Gammo these days).

How much value should we read into that tweet and what does it really mean?

Dan and Bryan get into just that question in the latest Over The Monster Podcast. They also discuss, among other things:

  • The Joely Rodriguez and Hoy Park signings;
  • Whether Rafael Devers is definitely worth $300 million;
  • The legend of Jacoby Ellsbury, deer hunter;
  • Taco Bell, because apparently they just can’t stop talking about Taco Bell;
  • And, for some reason, there’s brief discussion of a shirtless Keaton DeRocher, which led to this unholiness being passed around the office Slack channels:

So, uh, yeah. Thanks for listening, I guess.