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Daily Links: Xander, Nate Eovaldi, and Japanese Curry

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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

So technically, last night’s rain-shortened game was the first complete game shutout of Nate Eovaldi’s career. But, as we all know, it wasn't this most memorable outing. (Peter Abraham, Boston Globe)

Seriously, people, we all need to stop talking as if it’s a forgone conclusion that last night’s slam was Xander’s last great Boston moment. We’re running the risk of collectively willing his departure into the world. (Rob Bradford, WEEI)

So let’s talk about something more fun, instead. Like the fact that Tommy Pham is still pissed at Joc Pederson. (John Healy, WEEI)

Can you be Wally Pipped if you’re not really all that good in the first place? Eric Hosmer may be about to find out. (Jen McCaffrey, The Athletic)

We’ve already discussed how next year’s new rules could impact Jarren Duran, but he’s far from he only speed merchant in the Red Sox minor league system. (Christopher Smith, MassLive)

Thaddeus Ward is still working his way back from Tommy John, but his heater is looking good out in Arizona. (Jim Callis,

And just because it’s cold and rainy today and the Sox might not even play, here’s a little tour of Asia through some kick-ass food. I am absolutely heading to Allston for some Seoul Soulongtang for lunch later. (New York Times)