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MiLB and Marvel unveil Red Sox Phase 2

Defenders of the Diamond...Arms?

Polar park In Worcester Photo by Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Minor League special event re-brand for teams is continuing. We saw Phase 1 last week with the Salem Red Sox and Greenville Drive getting a superhero glowup. Now it’s time for the WooSox.

With the basic logo for Worcester being the smiley face the Defenders of the Diamond hero form is...something else.

A New Hero in Worcester?

It’s...I guess...a pitcher throwing the ball, which is Mr. Smiles? Or somehow the spherical mascot has merged with an arm/head Banjo Kazooie style?

I’m all for alternate logos, especially in the minors, but this one is confusing.

What do you think of the latest MiLB/Marvel rollout?