The Official (and I'm sure ongoing) Complain About Or Defend Bloom Thread

I'm hoping to get us back into these fanposts. They have always been a good spot to discuss certain topics and not either hijack the intent of an article or have the conversation fall off of the main page and get lost in the ether. With that, I figured this topic was as good as any to start.

Many of the comment sections evolve (or devolve depending on your opinion) into discussing the merits or drawbacks of Bloom. Let's use this place to deal with those frustrations (and as a supporter of his philosophy, even I have them), as well as pine over GMs of Christmas Past (Each of whom had his moments in the sun).

There are any number of directions you can go with this one so please, have at it, but please be respectful of others in the meantime. I'm as opinionated as anyone, but as with many things in life, there are differing views, each of which has its merits. This is all about fun and enjoying our shared fandom. Go Sox!