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MiLB x Marvel crossover reaches the Red Sox farm

Starting with Salem and Greenville

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It feels like there’s a new Marvel movie or TV show every month, doesn’t it? The age of superheroes isn’t slowing down any time soon. And Minor League Baseball is no exception. For the last week - and for weeks yet to come - MiLB and Marvel are working together to create new logos for 96 Minor League teams in what’s called “Marvel’s Defenders of the Diamond.” And just like other fun rebrands, these logos will show up in 2023 and 2024 as part of the on-field uniforms. Marvel will also be releasing a comic book sharing the name “Defenders of the Diamond” that will he distributed at MiLB ballparks.

Today, the first two Red Sox farm teams have their Marvel logos unveiled!

Starting with the Salem Red Sox:

And continuing with the Greenville Drive:


That’s a pretty slick looking, stylized G. Very art deco. Reminds you of the “Superman” building in Providence.

The Portland Sea Dogs and Worcester Red Sox are yet to be revealed but should have their superhero transformation soon.