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Daily Red Sox Links: Kyle Schwarber, Triston Casas, Blaze Jordan

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American League Championship Series - Workout Day Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

There’s little doubt that Kyle Schwarber’s impact down the stretch for the Boston Red Sox was significant, both with his own production and his impact on his teammates, and it makes sense that the team would want to bring him back. There will be competition for his services, though. (Patrick Saunders; Denver Post)

Triston Casas is going to start this season at Triple-A and has a chance to make an impact as soon as this season. MLB Trade Rumors looks at his timeline and who joins him on the depth chart. (Darragh McDonald; MLB Trade Rumors)

Casas is part of a top tier in the Red Sox farm system that is rapidly improving. But along with those prospects, they have some intriguing young breakout candidates, like Blaze Jordan. (Sean Penney; Bosox Injection)

David Ortiz made it into the Hall of Fame, but longtime Red Sox rival Alex Rodriguez looks like he’ll have to overcome some long odds. (Matt Snyder; CBS)

Jayson Stark answers some questions about where we are with the Hall of Fame. (Jayson Stark; The Athletic)