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OTM is looking for moderators

Want to help the site be the best it can be?

You probably have noticed that, since Thursday, we have a new commenting platform here at Over the Monster. Change is always hard to deal with and it certainly takes time to get used to a new interface on any digital platform, but we do hope the new features that this commenting system brings to the table is able to win all of you over. Here at OTM and SB Nation in general, it’s the community that makes us special and is the reason this is so fun to do.

To that end, this offseason I wanted to boost up our moderation to get more eyes on the community who are committed to making our comments and the site in general as welcoming, friendly, and fun as it can possibly be. Admittedly I was hoping to do so a bit earlier, but I figured with the new commenting system it would be best to wait until that was implemented.

To be clear, this is strictly a volunteer position, and as such there won’t be any schedules or anything so rigid. Instead we are just looking for a few moderators to help this community be the absolute best it can be. If you are interested, please send me an email over at, and please include your OTM username.