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FanPost Friday: Talking about David Ortiz

In whatever way you’d like.


This has obviously been a very big week in the world of the Boston Red Sox, with one of the most legendary players from the history of this long-running franchise, David Ortiz, was officially voted into the Hall of Fame by the BBWAA. Now a first-ballot Hall of Famer, the long-time Red Sox slugger was the lone player in this year’s class on the BBWAA ballot to make it into the Hall. It is very much a well-deserved induction, and while unfortunately a lot of attention has (understandably, I suppose) been around the players who did not make it, Ortiz very much deserves his shine.

So for this week’s FanPost Friday, we’re not giving very much in the way of instructions. We want to give some space to talk about Ortiz, whether it’s a dive into how good he was statistically, some of the ways he made his impacts off the field or not on game day, and of course the many legendary moments that stick out in your mind. There are very few athletes who have made the kind of impact in their city that Ortiz has made in Boston, so we want to hear how you reflect back on his time with the team now that he’s receiving the highest individual honor the game has to offer.

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