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Daily Red Sox Links: Jonathan Papelbon, Tom Goodwin, Spring Training

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Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Molly Burkhardt takes a look at Jonathan Papelbon’s extra special 2006 rookie campaign. (Molly Burkhardt;

Former Red Sox first base coach Tom Goodwin, who was sidelined during the 2021 playoffs, due to not being vaccinated, has come forward with the belief that MLB bullied coaches into getting vaccinated for COVID-19. (Ken Rosenthal; The Athletic)

Mike Axisa has lined up the dates that MLB and the MLBPA need to hit if Spring Training and the 2022 season are to begin on time. (Mike Axisa; CBS)

The biggest Blockbuster trade busts are here for your reading pleasure. Did the Red Sox happen to make the list? You’ll just have to read and see. (Zachary D. Rymer; Bleacher Report)

Oh, the highly contested use of robot umpires. Some love the idea, and others shudder to think. Well, robot umpires will be making the move up to Triple-A for the 2022 season. Is MLB not too far behind? (Associated Press; ESPN)