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FanPost Friday: Hitting the redo button

You can change one thing, but must live with the consequences of what happens next.

It’s a magic wand. You get it.
Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

I think we all wish we had a magic wand at the moment with which we could convince the owners and players to just get on with the serious negotiations already and end this lockout. The two sides finally met on Thursday — remember when the purpose of instituting the lockout when they did was supposedly to speed up the negotiations? — but by all accounts it was not a super productive meeting and there is still an ocean between the two sides. So now, we are still stuck in this lockout wishing there was something we could do.

Well, while we have nothing else going on, I’m going to give you all a fake magic wand, but not for the lockout purposes. Instead, I’ll allow you to go back into your fandom to change any one thing about the Boston Red Sox you could. It could be a specific game, an injury, a transaction, or something else entirely. It just needs to be something you actually remember (so no redoing the Babe Ruth deal unless you’ve hit triple digits in age), and you need to account for any potential side effects. Even with a magic wand, the butterfly effect still exists.

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