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Red Sox On Deck Episode 29: Salem Talk with Kevin DiDomenico

On this episode of the show, we bring on the voice of the Low-A Red Sox Affiliate in Salem to talk about the pitching staff, some 2021 draft picks, and the season as a whole. 

Wilkelman Gonzalez (2020)
Kelly O’Connor

We are back for Episode 29 of the Red Sox On Deck Podcast, your go-to source for everything prospects on the Over the Monster Podcast Network. Kevin DiDomenico is the voice of the Low-A Salem Red Sox. He is also the voice of the Radford Men’s Basketball program and an announcer for the ACC Network. You can find him on Twitter @kdido5.

Shelly, Bob, and Kevin started by discussing the 71-49 Salem season which was very successful as a whole, but ended on a disappointing note with the team losing four of their last five, as well as a 6-1 lead in the final game to miss out on the Low-A East Finals. The pitching staff in the second half of the year featured Wilkelman Gonzalez, Shane Drohan, Bradley Blalock, Chih-Jung Liu, and Wyatt Olds. Gonzalez could be an exciting arm in the making, while the others have a lot of potential. Kevin discussed his favorites with us, as well as Brandon Walter who spent most of his team with the squad as a reliever before his promotion.

We moved on to the 2021 draft picks that made it to Low-A. Third round pick Tyler McDonough is a versatile defender who Kevin felt showed great plate discipline, as well as a tremendous amount of hustle on a night in and night out basis. Niko Kavadas showed easy power on multiple occasions in his short time at Salem. Finally, we covered Brainer Bonaci, Gilberto Jimenez, and Red Sox defensive minor leaguer of the year, Ceddanne Rafaela.

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