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MLB Playoff Race Update: The Mariners are still very much in this

Don’t lose sight of that team out west.

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

With time running out in the regular season, the races around the league are coming down to the wire. That does include the American League wildcard, in which the Red Sox are stuck in a tight race, but also the rest of the league as well. For those interested in that league-wide picture, we’ll be providing a daily update the rest of the season on the state of races around baseball.

American League East

The Rays have already clinched the AL East.

American League Central

The White Sox have already clinched the AL Central

American League West

Like most of the rest of the league, the Astros were off on Monday, but they still had a chance to gain or lose ground in the division race with the Mariners in action against the Athletics. Seattle remained red-hot and continued to have Oakland’s number. They fell behind 3-0 early, but ended up tying the game and ultimately won in a 13-4 blowout. Still, Houston’s magic number in the division is two, meaning they have a chance to clinch things as soon as Tuesday.

American League Wildcard

The top three teams in this race — Boston, New York, and Toronto — were all off, but Seattle did make their statement and remind people they are right there in this race as well. The Mariners now trail Boston by 1.5 games, while Oakland’s deficit after being on the wrong end of that blowout is now 3.5 games.

National League East

There was no change in the standings here as both the Phillies and the Braves were off on Monday. As the two teams get set for a three-game set starting Tuesday with Atlanta holding a 2.5-game lead. They would need to sweep in order to clinch before the final weekend of the season.

National League Central

The Brewers have already clinched the NL Central

National League West

Just as was the case in the East, the top two teams in the West are also off. The Giants are getting set to start a three-game series against Diamondbacks on Tuesday while the Dodgers have three scheduled against the Padres. Both teams are at home. As things stand, San Francisco has a two-game lead over the Dodgers, with the loser being locked in as the top wildcard.

National League Wildcard

For this most part this race is decided, and it looks all but certain the Cardinals will be traveling to play whoever loses that NL West race. The Reds and Phillies are still technically in it, though, and Cincinnati stayed alive for at least one more day, blowing out the Pirates on Monday. Still, the Cardinals can clinch this spot on Tuesday with either a win or a loss from both the Reds and Phillies.