"D ORTIZ" Maine plate

Relief pitchers must throw strikes! The Stanton grand slam was caused by those BUM Sox relievers "front-loading" the bases because they simply cannot throw strikes.!

This loss was not Alex Cora's fault. Look what management/ownership gave him to work with. These relievers are bums. Ball after ball after after ball after ball after ball. AND IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON.

They suck! These relievers are an embarrassment. Get rid of them as quick as you can.

The Nathan Evoldi loss was unfortunate. He just did not have it. He is my favorite Sox pitcher.

Here is something the offense could have done: Instead of taking every single first pitch strike by Garrett Cole, why not swinging at the first pitch? You know he is going to get ahead of you on the very first pitch, every single batter. So swing at the first pitch. But nope, they had it in their heads to automatically take the first pitch.

Since David Ortiz retired, this team just does not have it.

Throwing ball after ball, after ball after ball.......... is inexcusable. You've had all season to get it right.