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FanPost Friday: Takeaways from the farm

What stood out with you?

Boston Red Sox Spring Training at the Jet Blue Complex Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Obviously, all eyes are on Fenway right now and the big-league squad in general as they look to take care of business in this final nine-game stretch of 2021. But in the meantime, there has also been a whole lot of good news down on the farm this year as well. The season down in the minors isn’t completely over at this point. Triple-A and the DSL is still going on, and there are still more developments to come.

That being said, things are mostly over, and we’re curious about people’s initial reactions to the season that was in the minors. What players stood out the most? Are there positional groups that you feel better or worse about as compared to the beginning of the season? What disappointments come to the forefront of the mind? What are you already thinking about in terms of things to watch in 2022? There are a lot of angles to take on this one.

Leave us a FanPost, and you could be featured on the front page on Sunday ahead of round one. As always, here is our handy guide to making a FanPost.