YUJ plan for the last 13 starts

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For reference on days of rest, everyone's last start date here:

CHW Sep 12 Pivetta
SEA Sep 13 Rodriguez
SEA Sep 14 Eovaldi
SEA Sep 15 Houck
BAL Sep 17 Sale

The scheme below for the remaining games would:

1. maximize Sale days. But we rest him October 3 if the game is meaningless.

2. keep the other 3 main starters on their established sequence (Pivetta-Rodriguez-Eovaldi).

3. avoid wasting Eovaldi on an Orioles game.

4. turn to Houck on the 29th, to get Pivetta an extra rest day at no real cost. Houck could be used for a higher-leverage middle relief assignment at least once before then.

5. Pivetta and Rodriguez never have to pitch on 4 days rest; Eovaldi only once (to face Yankees on 26th).

BAL Sep 18 Pivetta
BAL Sep 19 Rodriguez

NYM Sep 21 Eovaldi
NYM Sep 22 Sale

NYY Sep 24 Pivetta
NYY Sep 25 Rodriguez
NYY Sep 26 Eovaldi

BAL Sep 28 Sale
BAL Sep 29 Houck or bullpen game
BAL Sep 30 Pivetta

WSN Oct 01 Rodriguez
WSN Oct 02 Eovaldi, if needed
WSN Oct 03 Sale, if needed