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The Red Seat Podcast: Who will win the AL wildcard spots?

In this episode of the show Jake is joined by Shelly to sort out the AL wildcard mix.

Tampa Bay Rays v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images

Good morning and welcome back to another episode of “The Red Seat” podcast. On this episode my regular co-host Keaton DeRocher could not make it, but our pinch hitter was none other than the great Shelly Verougstraete! You should recognize Shelly’s voice from “The Red Sox on Deck” podcast with Bob Osgood and the “PreCap” podcast with Keaton.

On this episode of the show we begin by digging into the series against the Mariners, a series that has some serious American League wildcard ramifications. We then dive into all of the roster moves that have been made by the team over the past week. Unfortunately there are a lot because of COVID, but we do our best to try and keep up with this ever changing group.

We then take a look at the five teams in the American League wildcard race, Boston, Toronto, New York, Oakland, and Seattle, and make our predictions about which teams will clear the bar and make it to the playoffs. We discuss their rosters, the schedule, how they are playing, and make some guesses about who will get in. Spoiler alert: we both reach the same conclusion.

Lastly, we answered a bunch of your listener questions before ending the show.

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