Embrace the Nuance

Dave Dombrowski was brought in to do one thing. Build a championship roster, no matter the cost in dollars or prospect equity.

Chaim Bloom was brought in to do one thing. Build a championship roster, no matter the cost in emotional equity or time.

Here's the difference.

Bloom is coming in after Dombrowski exhausted the Red Sox resources building a champion. Dombrowski inherited a loaded system and a tremendous roster which he maneuvered into one of the best teams in Boston history.

Do you guys remember how fucking good that 2018 team was? 108 wins (best in all of baseball by 5), a 111 wRC+ (tied for league best), a top ten defensive team (by Fangraphs DEF), second in position player fWAR (32.2), and sixth in pitching fWAR (18.5).

Then, the individual performances. Mookie won MVP posting a 10.4 fWAR season, the seventh best in team history. Including Mookie, they sent five players to the all star game. Mookie and JBJ were Gold Glovers. Sale posted a 2.11 ERA before his elbow started barking, and still finished fourth in Cy Young voting. Xander busted out and became a star. JD had forty dingers. That team was loaded.

This current team has Hunter Renfroe instead of Mookie Betts in right. A combination of Jarren Duran and Kiké Hernandez in centre instead of Jackie Bradley Jr.. Franchy Cordero is getting reps at first base. Garrett Richards and Martin Perez have started 44 games for this team, both of whom are barely replacement level.

The underlying issue here is that Mookie was traded and the return was hilariously underwhelming. That's what we as fans have never been able to get past with the Bloom regime, despite the obvious fact that ownership made that trade.

They traded an MVP level talent for Verdugo, who is fine but doesn't look like he has the power to fit the profile of a corner outfielder, Jeter Downs, who is striking out more than 30 percent of the time and doing nothing with his glove or power to compensate for that, and Connor Wong who profiles as a fun utility player that did nothing in his cup of coffee this year and even less in AAA. Even worse, Brusdar Graterol's medicals spooked the sox, and now we can't even have the fun reliever that throws 102 MPH sinkers.

The fact that Verdugo has been credibly implicated in a 2015 sexual assault incident has made it impossible for me to really root for the guy. For anyone who was satisfied with his stock answers on the subject at last year's spring training, I urge you to read a little more about the incident. Terry Francona has said that Verdugo was said to have been the individual that posted the assault on social media, and the police report indicates that Verdugo has sexually assaulted the young woman (she was 17 at the time). Again, no charges were filed and I am not accusing him of having done something, but the facts are what they are. Verdugo himself has admitted to being present, but claims he was passed out while the incident took place.

That trade, obviously, was not made for baseball reasons. It was a cost cutting measure where the Sox 1) got off the hook for half of Price's money and 2) meant they did not have to give Mookie the money he deserved. It sucks, and for people like me it wiped out the good will Henry and his group bought with the titles. It amounted to a minor increase in profit margin and little else.

None of that is Bloom's fault, and none of that was going to be corrected by over spending at the deadline for a team that is still three to four major pieces away from getting back to the quality of that 2018 team. The way forward is to develop, draft well, spend wisely (IE no more albatross contracts that ownership has to write off), and look to move past the icky feelings of the past two years.