Sox management doesn't reward players

The Red Sox players performed beyond their talent for the first 100+ games of the season. They had 5 players, who played often, who's batting average was at 200 or below. Two good starting pitchers: Eovaldi and Pivetta ----- Eduardo Rodriguez was a bust. They had the 2nd best record in baseball. Why couldn't they get Anthony Rizzo to fill a glaring whole at 1st base??? How is it that the Yankees were able to get Rizzo instead. How is it that other contending teams were able to acquire Scherzer, Bryant, Gibson, Baez, Kimbrel, Berrios, Turner, Duffy, Gallo, Frazier................ I think the front office picked the wrong time to worry about $$$$$. And the wrong time to be timid about trading minor league prospects. I guess management is waiting for Chris Sale and Kyle Schwarber to give the team what it needs. I don't think management did enough.