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Red Sox announce 2022 schedule

They open up at home March 31 against the Rays.

Minnesota Twins v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

We are still, of course, focused entirely on the 2021 season, as the Red Sox remain just one game out of the division lead despite their current slide while they maintain their hold on the top wildcard spot. But there is a little bit of looking forward as well, with the league releasing the 2022 schedule this afternoon. Why are they releasing next year’s schedule on a random Wednesday in August? Your guess is as good as mine. But they did it, so let’s take a quick look. Pete Abraham tweeted out a visual version if that’s your preference.

Well, the first thing people are probably wondering is when exactly they will be starting things off. That will be on Thursday, March 31 as they take on the Rays at Fenway Park to kick off their 2021 campaign. It, uh, may be a little chilly there to start next year. They head out on their first road trip of the year the following week to play the Yankees in the Bronx. The first time New York comes to Fenway isn’t until July 7. Their final game at Fenway will be against the Orioles in the second to last series of the year, while they end 2022 on the road in Toronto.

Beyond that, some interesting notes to make here would be that they have a couple of long stretches. That includes a 17-game stretch without a day off in late April, and another coming out of the All-Star break. Their only days off in the entire month of July are those four days for the All-Star break. In terms of interleague, they will be taking on the NL Central, with St. Louis, Milwaukee and Cincinnati all coming to Fenway. The Braves do as well for a two-game set. Boston will also get their west-coast swing out of the way in one shot, taking on the Athletics, Angels, and Mariners all in a 10-day stretch.

So that’s the quick wrap up of the schedule. Be sure to discuss other interesting tidbits I may have missed below.