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The Over the Monster Podcast: Trade deadline sadness

Also, losing streak sadness

Boston Red Sox v. Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Welcome back to another edition of the Over the Monster podcast, your spot to hear the latest on the last week of Red Sox baseball. As always, it is Matt and Bryan on the show, this week talking about the worst stretch of the year so far for this Red Sox team.

Things start out, naturally, with a discussion of the trade deadline action, or lack thereof. Before going into more broad thoughts on the deadline, they take a deep dive into Kyle Schwarber’s fit specifically. What it means for the team, what it said about their approach to the deadline before that final day even came and went, and what his fit on this roster is. They also wonder if they did enough just for the lineup considering how bad that group has been of late, and whether or not he’ll really play first base all that much. They also talk a bit about the acquisitions of Hansel Robles and Austin Davis.

From there, the conversation shifts to the overall status of the team and what they didn’t do at the deadline. There is a focus on what this says about the organizational philosophy right now, and how ownership might respond if things don’t rebound. They also try to determine what the pecking order in the American League East is right now, and specifically how much the Rays are really favored, if at all, considering how after all this it’s still only a one-game difference in the division.

Finally, they answer some listener questions including one about Triston Casas’s near future with the club and what will become of Garrett Richards.

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