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New Shirt: Bobby Bombs

Celebrating the recent tear from Bobby Dalbec.

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As our own Michael Walsh talked about just this morning, Bobby Dalbec is on a tear. It was only a few weeks ago in which it didn’t just look like it’d be a disappointing season for the rookie first baseman, but one in which it was all but certain he’d lose his job. Now, he’s been better than any of the potential trade targets since the deadline and has his season-long line up around league-average. That sounds underwhelming, but considering where he’s come from, it’s pretty remarkable.

And of course, it’s the power that steals the show for Dalbec. So our friends over at BreakingT wanted to celebrate the rookie’s flourishing with a new shirt. It’s Bobby Bombs.

This new shirt is available in unisex adult shirts, youth sizes, women’s V-necks, and hoodies. Like all of the other shirts from BreakingT, these are super comfortable and affordable, and by buying one you also help out your pals at OTM. What more could you ask for?

Buy yours now