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Red Sox call up Connor Wong as 27th man for Wednesday’s doubleheader

The catcher will get another short stint in the majors.

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Tuesday’s game between the Red Sox and Blue Jays ended up being postponed due to rain that stuck around Boston for much of the night, resulting in a split doubleheader on Wednesday. With the doubleheader now on the schedule, both teams now get to bring up a 27th player to get through the day. The Red Sox announced it will be catcher Connor Wong coming up to serve as the extra man for Boston’s roster.

Generally you see pitchers come up as the 27th player in case a team has to go deep into the bullpen one game, giving them a bit less risk of having multiple tired arms moving out of the doubleheader. However, the Red Sox don’t have a whole lot of healthy pitchers on the 40-man who are not in the majors, and it’s not really worth it to make a 40-man move for what would almost certainly just be a one-day call-up.

So, they went with Wong, who will get into his fifth major-league game of his career if he does indeed get into one of these games. One would think Christian Vázquez will catch the first game with Kevin Plawecki getting the second, leaving Wong as a pinch hitter if needed. That said, Plawecki is DH’ing the first game, so it’s possible they’ll put Wong behind the plate for the nightcap.

Wong, who was part of the Mookie Betts trade, has just 11 plate appearances in the majors so far this year, grabbing three hits (two singles and a double) to go along with seven strikeouts and no walks. The catcher, who can also play some infield if needed, got off to a late start at Worcester but in 107 plate appearances he is hitting .188/.234/.317.