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New shirt: Grit and sandpaper

No better way to describe this Red Sox team.

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It’s a thing you hear about great teams in just about every sport, but it applies to the Red Sox this year perhaps more than ever given just how many crazy games they’ve played. But the Red Sox just find ways to win. It never truly feels like they’re out of a game, and they have made a habit out of staging comebacks late in games to pull out victories. Their last two games as we sit here Tuesday afternoon have been comeback victories, including one where they started the eighth inning on the verge of being no-hit, and also down by four runs, and ended it with a one-run lead.

These kinds of performances are just in the DNA of this Red Sox team it seems, and Chris Sale had the perfect description. He said this team reminds him of grit and sandpaper. Our friends over at BreakingT have been thinking about this quote for quite some time, really since the ace first said it, and their recent run of wild wins makes it all the more relevant. So, of course they had to make a shirt.

This new shirt is available in t-shirts or hoodies, and there are children’s sizes for the t-shirts as well. Like all of the other shirts from BreakingT, these are super comfortable and affordable, and by buying one you also help out your pals at OTM. What more could you ask for?

Buy your shirt now.