A Look Back

With the Trade Deadline coming up at the end of the week, I've been playing with the trade machine over at Baseball Trade Values. For those who haven't used it, they take a player and assess what they believe his overall trade value is based on estimated future production, number of years on the contract, and amount owed on the contract. Then you can play with different mix and match trade scenarios to see if trades are "fair" or not. It's far from an exact science, and who knows down the line how any of those "fair" trades will work out with their projected production numbers, but it's actually been fairly close on a lot of the bigger trades I've seen over the last year or so. That said, I decided to look at the Mookie trade based on current value, which takes current production and current contracts into account. If the projection is correct, there's no way the trade would happen now. To be fair, they don't even allow you to trade Mookie since he's listed as a player the team would have no interest in moving. But they slam him with an overall value of negative 44.3. They estimate his overall value for the rest of the contract is only 298.4M vice 353.8M. That gets evened out a bit by his 11 years left on the deal. On the other side of the deal, they have Downs with a value of 20 (which has been going down), Verdugo with 50.3, and Wong with 2.3. Again, not an exact science at all, but it's a very interesting thought.