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Over the Monster is looking for writers

Come join the team at OTM!

We are looking to add writers to the staff here at Over the Monster. If you are interested in writing about the Red Sox, whether you have done so before or not, we want to hear from you and get your applications as we look to beef up the staff here a little bit more and take what we have always done and bring it to the next level.

There isn’t really a specific type of writer or type of coverage we are looking for right now, but rather just passionate Red Sox fans who are looking to join a fun team and push out opinions and news about the team they care most about. These positions are all contracted, freelance positions, and are paid a monthly stipend.

Although previous writing experience is a plus, it is certainly not a requirement. We are willing, and often eager, to work with new writers looking to hone their craft in a field where their passions lie. Here at OTM, we are looking to capture diverse perspectives from all walks of life, and no one should feel apprehension about putting in an application no matter what their experience level.

On the application linked below, in the section you are asked for writing samples, that can either be a link to a previous website or blog where your work has been published, or a new, original piece submitted via a link to a Google Doc. The only thing informing our decision on that section will be the quality of writing and the passion for the Red Sox and baseball in general that comes through, not the URL.

So please, click the link below, come join our team and help us make this the best independent Red Sox site on the interwebs.

Application Form